Friday, March 8, 2013

are they mom jeans?

McCalls 5894 'perfect jeans'
They look a little high-waisted in this picture.  They feel just right though.  Bonus; the fabric is fuzzy on the inside, soft and cuddly!  At some point I'll have to take them off to finish the waistband and hems.  I also need to decide - do I avoid stretch fabrics for pants, or do I try different underwear?


Mrs. Smith said...

If thongs make you sad, you can find a perfectly seamless pair of bikini briefs. Even at Target! :)

Coco Savage said...

Your pants look good. Bali Skimp Skamps undies are the best no show, full coverage undies. They're the best for any pant, knit or otherwise. Foundation is everything!

amy mayen said...

Different undies! The pants are great, I don't think they look mommish at all. Very good work.

SusieSews said...

Brilliant pants. Change the undies.